Pay rent and deposit via credit card in delhi

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The capital city of India needs no introduction. Home to some of the country's most beautiful ancient monuments, it is also a hub of activity for traders and businessmen. Many wholesale dealers transact with manufacturers in Delhi.

Pay rent in New Delhi

Delhi’s trade and manufacturing involves a lot of transactions and cash requirements. Given these conditions, being able to pay your rent, society maintenance and security deposit through credit card is a blessing. Tenants get a good 45 days leniency by paying rent through credit card.

Also, businessmen and traders can tie up with us to make and receive payments through credit card. This eases out a lot of instability in payments and you are ensured of a next day credit to your account, instead of giving longer credits to clients and losing your interest.

ePayRent is here to help you with easy payments through credit card for rentals, security deposit and a lot more.