About Us

Rent payment every month can be a big challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a big part of your time. We help you make it simple, a low-stress part of doing business, with easy ways to streamline payment processing that can help optimize your cash flow.

ePayRent was founded in 2020 with a mission to ease out rental payments and other utility service payments even when you do not have ready cash to spare. ePayRent was formulated to prove beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant and a host of other service providers who could be paid through easy credit card payment options. COVID-19 has underlined the need for digital payments and we conceptualised ePayRent to eliminate the payment constraints during such hard times. ePayRent brings innovation, scale and reliability to its integrated payments. We leverage our technology, knowledge, and experience to help our customers improve their payment process - be it paying rents, utility payments, maintenance, deposits etc.

Recognizing a void in the market of service providers offering only online payments with slow payment turnaround times, ePayRent seeks to provide a solution that makes property management companies and landlords more efficient and profitable with little to no setup or monthly fees.

You can rest assured as an ePayRent customer that we are committed to providing the best customer experiences and support. We proudly serve property management companies, landlords and individuals all across the country. Our robust and proprietary software allows for a fully customizable portal solution that can cater to any type of property that is constantly improving to ensure that our users are always finding new ways to make their lives easier.

Our business is built for long-term success and is fuelled by happy and loyal customers and a team of ePayRenters who value and contribute to our great culture every day.

Why choose us?

ePayRent is your number 1 destination for housing payments online, be it rental bills or utility bills. We believe in ease and simplicity when it comes to payment, and are dedicated to providing you with only the best in payment services.

We constantly strive to add more services for our customers, we hope you enjoy seamless payment experiences as much as we enjoy providing them to you!

We let you pay all your rental bills through credit card. By using your credit card on ePayRent, you will also earn cashback or reward points or miles on every transaction as per your card's rewards scheme!


We help with a wide array of payments including housing rent, society maintenance payments, payments of hostel fees, commercial building payments, and construction equipment rentals.

Rent Payments

We help you pay your monthly rent using our services without the hassle of having to remember it every month: that's why we send you reminders! Register your apartment details, landlord’s bank account and you are ready to go. Payment will be credited to your landlord’s account within 2 working days. Paying rent through credit card gives you a 45 day credit period and bonus reward points too. As a landlord you do not have to make rounds to collect rents, simply invite your tenants to pay through ePayRent and you can recieve your rent from the comfort of your home.

Society Management

Apartments and housing societies can avail a host of services on ePayRent. All you have to do is onboard your society with ePayRent and start managing its routine functions through us. ePayRent gives access to an apartment representative, to manage the backend, which enables every society to keep tabs on payments, receipts, services, salaries and other activities that go with it. Integrate security, visitor, delivery and house keeping management into ePayRent and enjoy the benefits of a one stop solution here. Maintenance payments can be received from apartment owners or tenants and reminders and other notifications can be sent out through ePayRent. ePayRent is designed to excel in the property management space and commits to a world class product, free of cost.

Utility Payments

Every small business or household is faced with challenges of cash payments to vendors and services that they avail. Many times, work is postponed and vendor payments delayed due to the need to prioritise cash flow. ePayRent offers online payments for utility and other services through credit card. Simply login to ePayrent, fill in the necessary requirements and bank account details and make credit card payments through us. Utility payments can be used to be makements to your plumbers, electricians, carpenters and others. ePayrent credits payments to the clients within 24 hours of making the payment online.

How we work

Tenants using ePayRent to pay rent through credit card will have to enter details of the landlord’s account number and other prerequisites to enable us to credit payment. However, most details require to be filled only once.

Societies onboard ePayRent have a complete set of functions that enable a smooth running of the society. Maintenance and other service charges may be collected online and reminders can be sent to tenants and landlords for payment due dates and other communication.

Clients willing to make and receive payments on ePayRent through credit card for various utility services and other purposes enter the required details on the page including the purpose of payment and you are ready to go. The payment will be credited to the payees account within 24 hours of payment through credit card on ePayRent.


Our fee varies for certain user accounts depending on the sign-up date and the amount the account has been used. The total fee will be mentioned on the "Payment" page and included in the total payment before you make the payment.