Pay rent and deposit via credit card in bangalore

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Bangalore or Bengaluru has a huge population of non-Bangaloreans who have come to the garden city to make a career out of the ever-growing IT industry. Most people stay on rent till they decide to either buy a home or continue to stay on rent. Many people live on the income that they receive from rental payments as well.

Pay rent in Bengaluru

It is vital to the smooth functioning of many households that the rents are paid on time. In trying times, when there is a dearth of cash or when businesses could benefit from a 45 days credit for payments, being able to pay rent through credit card is a boon.

Pay your rent through credit card, develop a healthy credit history and earn rewards as well.

SMEs can our vendor payment services and make any payments via credit card. Accept credit cards for your business without any charges. Send unlimited invoices to your customers and receive funds directly to your bank account.