House Rent
Office Rent
Vendor Bills
Rental Deposit
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Utility Payments
Any expenses
using Credit Card

At ePayRent, We help you make any payments with credit card easy, simple and affordable. Our digital platform is built for any business and every customer journey. You can pay all your expenses with credit card at virtually ZERO* charges!

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Tenant paying rent using credit card
Are you a tenant?

Quickly pay your rent using your Credit Card.

Owner sending a rent payment link to tenant
Are you a landlord?

Easily collect online rent payments from residents.

Pay invoices using credit card
Paying invoices?

Now do it easily using your credit card.

A better way to
pay and receive rent

ePayRent connects tenants and landlords to make rent payment simple, convenient and transparent. ePayRent introduces payment of rentals through credit cards. Pay rent with credit card and Enjoy the benefits of up to 45 days zero interest credit period. Making healthy payments through credit cards works in your advantage by improving your credit history (cibil score) and also earning you reward points which can be used for various shopping and travel needs.

Pay rent with Credit Card

How our online rent payment service works?

We are building a better future for the rental industry, where landlords and tenants across the nation connect and manage every phase of their rental experience together in one place. It is simple! Tenants, all you have to do is register your landlord’s bank details and there you go. Landlords, register your property on, and invite your tenant to pay rents online. Not just that, you can also pay your rental deposits, maintenance and other charges through credit card.

  • Secure Payments

    Make secure payments through credit cards. Your confidential information is secured and encrypted. ePayRent do not store your financial information.

  • Instant Rent Receipts

    Rent payment receipts are generated instantly and sent directly to your email. You can submit the rent receipts to claim HRA exemption.

  • Reward points

    Earn Reward Points. Redeem reward points for payments done through ePayRent!

Pay any expense with your credit card

Have expenses which you cannot pay with a credit card? ePayRent opens a world of opportunities for making payments through credit cards. You can pay with ePayRent fast and simple using your card.

  • Pay bills with credit card. Maximize your credit card rewards

  • Preserve your cash. Spend with Credit Card and enjoy interest free credit

  • Pay rent, education fees, freelancers, utility bills, Vendor payments, any goods and services

Pay any expense with Credit Card
Pay any expense with Credit Card

Accept Credit Cards at Zero** Cost

Get paid faster by accepting credit cards without any fees for you. Receive online invoice payments from anywhere, any customer, any business. Have money deposited faster and more securely to your registered bank account.

  • Send custom invoices and track payment requests

  • Collect unlimited payments directly to your bank accounts

  • Stay on track with your finances with dynamically generated reports, monthly and yearly statements

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* Cashbacks, reward points and interest free credit nullify the convenience charges

** Your customers will bear the convenience charges.